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DenturesHaving a functional, beautiful smile is important at every age. Living with missing teeth can be inconvenient and uncomfortable. That is why at Champaign Dental Group, we are proud to offer a variety of full and partial denture options.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are natural-looking, artificial teeth that are used to replace some or all of a patient’s natural teeth. These removable devices are flexible, reliable, and painless. They are made to resemble your natural teeth, so there will be no noticeable difference in your smile.

There are two types of dentures available – full and partial. Full dentures replace all of a patient’s teeth, while partial dentures fill in the gaps between natural, healthy teeth.

We will create a unique device just for you to ensure your dentures are comfortable and functional.

Do I Need Full or Partial Dentures?

Our dentists will recommend a denture type based on your oral health, the number of natural teeth, and jaw strength. Each set of dentures are custom created to resemble natural teeth.

There are two types of partial dentures – removable and fixed. Removable partial dentures replace teeth in the upper or lower jaw when some original teeth remain. These replacements will be attached to your mouth with a plastic, gum-colored base. Fixed partial dentures function the same as removable ones, but are cemented into place using your adjacent teeth for support.

Full dentures are recommended when all of the teeth in a dental arch need to be replaced. The plastic base will mimic your gum tissue – providing a natural suction effect to keep them in place during the day. Complete dentures may require adjustments to create a proper fit during the first few months of use.

How Long Will It Take to Get Used to My Dentures?

Unfortunately, dentures are sometimes prone to slipping and moving around the mouth. They may feel awkward or loose for a few weeks until the muscles in your mouth adjust to keep them in place.

To improve stability and functionality, we may recommend installing dental implants to provide additional support. Implants eliminate the need for denture adhesives and are typically considered to be a better long-term solution.

I Think I Need Dentures – What Should I Do Now?

Dentures can significantly improve the lives of those suffering from missing teeth. If you think you may be a candidate for full or partial dentures, contact our office today at 937-653-8650 to speak to a member of our team or schedule an appointment.

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