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Oral Surgeon

Oral SurgeonOccasionally, you may find that you need dental work that cannot be completed by a typical dentist. Some treatments may require the skill of a professional oral or maxillofacial surgeon. In these situations, we are happy to help!

Our experienced surgeons can perform a wide range of detailed and complicated dental procedures. Every member of the Champaign Dental Group team is highly trained to provide quality, compassionate care for every patient – young and old.

Who Is an Oral Surgeon?

An oral surgeon is a dental specialist capable of performing a variety of surgical procedures. These surgeons require a high level of skill along with 4-6 years of specialized training. They are able to perform surgeries on the mouth, jaws, teeth, and face.

Which Treatments Need Oral Surgery?

There are a variety of dental illnesses and issues that may require a deeper level of treatment. While a general dentist may be able to perform minor surgeries, you will need the help of a specialized oral surgeon for any complicated procedures such as oral and maxillofacial surgeries.

Oral surgery may be necessary for:

  • Impacted teeth/wisdom teeth
  • Tooth extractions
  • Implants, and
  • Corrective jaw surgery

What Are Impacted Teeth?

A tooth becomes impacted when it becomes trapped between the jawbone and gum tissue. This is a common problem for people whose wisdom teeth are starting to emerge.

Wisdom teeth – or third molars – are the last teeth to develop. They emerge late – usually in a person’s teens or early twenties. Wisdom teeth often cause a variety of dental complications. For instance, they may overcrowd the rest of your teeth or become impacted. Impacted teeth can lead to infection, swelling, and the development of tumors.

Because of these problems, your dentist may recommend having your wisdom teeth surgically removed before they have time to fully emerge.

Why Do I Need Surgery to Have an Extraction?

Tooth extractions are typically simple and straightforward procedures. In most cases, teeth are visible above the gum line and can be removed with forceps. However, there are several situations in which a tooth may need to be surgically removed by an oral surgeon.

For example, when bone or tissue needs to be cut to extract a tooth – such as when a tooth is impacted or only partially erupted – surgery is usually required.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are devices used to replace one or more missing teeth. They are typically made from a bio-friendly metal such as titanium and are surgically attached to the jaw and serve as posts for dental crowns.

Because implants are attached directly to the jaw bone, they can provide a higher level of stability for tooth replacements. Dental implants can promote bone growth, correct your bite, and improve your overall oral health.

Once your mouth has healed from surgery, your replacement crown will be attached and you can enjoy amazing, natural-feeling results!

What Other Ways Can an Oral Surgeon Help Me?

Oral surgeons provide a variety of important dental treatments. These include facial surgery, corrective jaw surgery, biopsies, cleft lip and cleft palate repairs, and lesion removal, among others.

If you think you may be in need of an oral surgeon, call our office at 937-653-8650. We would be happy to schedule a consultation or discuss your treatment options.

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